I HATE it when #18!

English: A tanning bed in use.
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1. I pay for a hefty airline ticket to Hawaii then pay separately for my luggage –$25 first bag–$35 second bag (per person *4) each way RT,  as if your going to fly with no luggage…no other option, except pay for first class either way a lot of moola…Holy Corn-meal!

2. My parakeet wakes me up with her chirping! It pierces my ears….Dang you, Smurfy  (birds name). It’s not Smurftastic!

3. I forget something when traveling & it’s not at the destination. I ran out of mascara once at the Grand Floridian, couldn’t find it anywhere on WDW property.

4. I run out of sweet & low, I use six per cup with cream.

5. There is a huge sale on mattresses literally a day after I’ve purchased two & wasn’t told at time of purchase that “Hey, if you wait till tomorrow you can save a lot of money—–SUCKER!”.

6. I tan in tanning bed & have odd-shaped white lines running down my back, butt & arm pits. Then I try to finagle my body weird ways to tan these strange areas. Kinda funny…..

7. My dog comes in from backyard & doesn’t smell so hot!

8. I realize my fortieth birthday is just around the corner, OMG! How did this happen so quickly…

9. My mail lady is late or doesn’t bother to come at all.

10. When mail lady does come & I receive all bills, YUCKY!