I hate it when #15!

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1. Ashton Kutcher has long hair!

2. Other people register for my HGTV Dream home.

3. My hubby is having his man period!

4. I have to clean & put away all the Christmas stuff till next year!

5. Pine needles fall off a my fake Christmas tree everywhere!

6. I need more vacuum bags, but don’t realize it, till I’m trying to suck up the dog-gone pine needles, trying is the operative word here.

7. They try to hide the fact that Flo on the “Progressive Insurance” commercials is really pregnant by putting objects in front of her belly.

8. I admit to liken’ “Moonshiners” on the Discovery Channel.

9.  I watch “Hoarders” while trying to eat! BARF….. These people have bugs crawling on them while they sleep, when their awake–all the time. Your suppose to kill a bug in your house people, you pay the mortgage, not them….

10. Christmas holidays are over!