Stay Away–Tip’s for surviving the weekend before Christmas!

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1. Stay away from the frantic looking woman with kids! You’ll be sorry…

2. Stay away from the one weird guy by himself, there’s a reason he’s by himself, do not make eye contact either!

3. Stay away from all parking lots, catastrophe’s waiting to happen, but if you dare, watch the way other’s park, it’s FUNNY!

4 Actually just stay away from the mall’s, enclosed concrete cylinder with a bunch of frantic women, weird guys & screaming children that aren’t yours.

5. Stay away from UPS & FED EX & anymore (initial) companies, they tend to park where ever they please & think they own the streets, yesterday one was parked in the middle of road in our subdivision! Luckily, they’re usually good looking dudes in short shorts….

6. You might stay away from Wal-Mart right now, quite sketchy.

7. Stay away from sit down restaurants, you probably won’t get a seat at all,  everyone’s napping, I mean resting from there mad holiday shopping.

8. Stay away from Starbucks–need I say more.

9. Stay away from shopping online, hackers are in full force!

10.  I have a great idea, don’t leave the house this weekend, stay away from everything! BAH HUMBUG, LOL!!!!!

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  1. mooselicker says:

    I think you’ve proven your point. Christmas is officially scarier than Halloween.


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