I hate it when #9

Image by clspeace via Flickr

1. My son decides to play 52 card pick up & I’m the one picking up

2. I forget to set the coffee maker on automatic. So I wake up to no coffee, doesn’t make a great start to my morning or anyone else around me, if you know what I mean.

3. I drive my son to school in my PJ’s , slippers & have a flat tire.

4. I’m at the Fair & look at the ground and see turkey leg bones, lollipop wrappers, used diapers, corn dog sticks, its disgusting, take a gander.

5. When my shower curtain rips from kids tugging on it.

6. When my hubby uses the last piece of toilet paper & doesn’t tell me till its too late.

7. A tiny stream of water is left on & steadily streaming out my faucets, & I don’t know for how long.

8. When the toilet is running & I can’t find it. HAHA

9. When I’ve eaten most of my meal & then find a piece of someone else’s hair in it.

10. I find out there was a bug in my drink, after I’ve swallowed it. GROSS!