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Scooter Lady
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Never fail, when my son gets out of school, his shoes fly off, socks also, he starts cleaning his toes while still in-car for toe jam (lent) he takes off his belt & uniform shirt. By the time were home, this boy has half his clothes off & lying in the car.

While driving to mall the other day, I see an older lady crossing the street with a giant Aluminum foil oval Turkey /Roasting pan  & she’s in an electric wheelchair on a major intersection. Just very odd to see! Also on way back from mall, we see almost in same position an old man in an electric wheelchair, very weird. We do have vehicles for seniors, that take people for free to the grocery stores & other places.

As I sit & type this, my son is playing his trombone in my ear loudly, I said I can hear you better from the other room, LOL.

There is this restaurant my dad has wanted to go to for a long time, a seafood buffet place, about 25 minutes away from where we live. It’s Friday night, we finally made plans to go  & my hubby, kids, mother & father were excited. I told my parents– we needed to leave early because the old people wait in line for this place to open, it’s so yummy. We pull up, and not one car is there, it looks closed down & we read a sign on the door, saying closed for vacation, will be open again on Tuesday, Nov 15,2011. I couldn’t believe it, the one time we make special arrangements to go & they were closed–really par for course—– in my life…..

Showed up at Dermatologist appt for my daughter & I yesterday– to find out, no doctors were in, I said “Our appt is at 4pm “She said it was, yesterday, we totally showed up a day late, I said no one called to remind me, she said “We did but phone number seemed wrong” I said what # did u call, she listed the # & it was one digit off, they entered it in computer wrong. I just rescheduled it, I’ve never been so absent-minded.

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately, so I do have an excuse for being so absent-minded, I received my results from my mammogram right before going to the Dermatologist. I just picked up the radiologist interpreted reading, there was no one (medical) to talk to me about it, since my appt for  the breast surgeon isn’t till Monday, Nov 14, 2011. The report is better than last time, Overall final assessment BiRads 3, probably benign.  Six months ago it was BiRads 4/Suspicious & required a definite biopsy.   So after appt Monday, I will know for sure –if I can exhale!!!  Appt was rescheduled till Tuesday, pending the Dr is feeling better…..Can you  believe this, you would think another well qualified Dr would fill in for him…….more waiting!

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