My GROSS day & yes I’m really going there!

Image by teresia via Flickr

There is not a NON-disgusting way to tell you this, but I will try to streamline it for you. It’s just to funny to keep to myself. Picture this, you’re on the toilet (yuck) and you decide to flush  it while still on it (not sure why, bored, I guess) then all of a sudden, your bottom (butt) feels a little wet, and then you realize what is happening, the toilet was literally over flowing ON me! Not much to do in that circumstance, but stand up & scream “REALLY” & “GROSS”! Ever happened to you? The rest of the day can only go up from here… Sorry,  if I grossed you out, but we all do it, I guess, I just talk about it. My mom will be soooooo proud! NOT!



  1. Loaf Comic says:

    Ah ha ha ha…. this is why I don’t believe in the courtesy flush. You just never know when it’s going to overflow. Great idea for a comic. Check out Loaf Comic at


  2. Phoebe says:

    This story cracks me up. I can picture your face. Priceless!


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