Politically correct, to the EXTREME!


Don’t you feel this world is becoming to politically correct? What happened to our first amendment right, freedom of speech, our own speech. You constantly have to watch what you say, as not to offend. Its more than just speech, its filtering down to our children in other forms and really making them a bunch of pansies. Kids now a days don’t know how it feels to lose, because in sporting events at schools, they all get a ribbon, so no one feels left out, or gets their little feelings hurt, Pageants are the same way, you all get a trophy, good job. It’s aiding in children’s laziness, so much so, that they aren’t driven, why should they, they think there entitled.

That’s not real life, we as a society are setting our children up to fail. We sadly are not all going to land that dream job or win the marathon. To quote Judge Smails from Caddyshack, “The world needs ditch diggers to.”(Joke) Little boys in elementary school can’t put their arm around a little girl because of sexual harassment, please. Kids can no longer get into fights with each other or their suspended, but they can bully all day long. Sorry, but I would rather my child have a fight & be sore one day, than have to tolerate bullying everyday. I don’t condone fighting, but sometimes when you fight, its out of your system and then you can possibly make up. Words hurt worse & those effects last much longer. No one feels they can truly speak their mind, because how someone else might interpret it, except Chelsea Handler, lol. Well grow up world and get some kahunas, because this politically correct crap is wearing this momma out!