Snoring “Annoying”

This Smart car is wrongly considered by some a...
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My freaking hubby snores faithfully every single night and not just a little dainty sound. Picture this, a train track, you’re the smart car (the most useless car ever invented, I’m sorry if you have one, no really- sorry you have one) you’re little ugly car tire gets stuck on a piece of gum on the track, REALLY it’s so small, it could happen– Ok I’m getting off track here, (no pun intended, hahaha) a giant freight train is headed straight for you & honks right as it hits you & spins you furiously around while banging a few trees in its path until you are unrecognizable, thats what its like to be around my hubby nightly, luckily he’s easy on the eyes. If your around a snorer, I feel for ya, girl or boy (don’t want to be gender bias)! If you’re THE SNORER that is what we feel like, we’re the smart car (did I mention, ugly little thing) and you’re the freight train…ROAR ψ!

Advice to the smart car:

Here’s a little suggestion on what I do, elbow him & say “Roll over” it will give you a breather before it starts up again!