I hate it when #1

Just Stupid!
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  1.  I sit down and my thighs double in size
  2. I let someone walk in front of my car at the grocery store and they don’t wave or mouth “thank you”
  3. I spill coffee all the way down the hall when walking with it
  4. I straighten my hair just right, and it starts raining (girls, you feel me)
  5. I’m trying to get something completed and my phone rings and I go thru hoops to get to it, just to find out its a wrong number
  6. How nobody in the house has said a single word to me in the last thirty minutes, and sure enough I get on the phone and every child, hubby and kids friend, neighbor, mail man want to ask me something, tell me a joke, riddle  or just bug me……
  7. I’m tired, but can’t sleep
  8. Someone wakes me up, after I finally fall asleep and its for something silly
  9. Stupid people, really stupid people, the ones who don’t realze how stupid they really are, or the ones who laugh at themselves for being really stupid
  10. You’re at the grocery checkout line when someone in front of you has a million & one items and you have one item (lets say a pack of gum) and they don’t let you in front of them or at least ask

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