I Hate it When!

I HATE it when:

  • I get deodorant on the outside of my shirt and I’m oblivious till late in the day, plus it’s so suppose to be an invisible solid!
  • I get into the shower and find out that my bath soap is practically gone, like melted or shriveled up looking! How does this even happen?!
  • I wait several minutes in the doctors waiting room and then spend very little time with the actual doctor!
  • People don’t do their due diligence, PERIOD!
  • I have something in my teeth and no one tells me. Then I recall how many peeps potentially noticed it that afternoon before I did!
  • I search for something and can’t find it anywhere, then lose interest and while looking for something else, I find lots of what I previously searched for……
  • I run into the store for something “real quick”in hopes of not seeing anyone I know because I look like shit, then end up seeing half of my graduation class. On the flip-side, the times I’m “extra” feeling myself and don’t see a single soul that I know! Right?!
  • My hubby drives my vehicle last and leaves my gas tank at 5 miles till empty or 0, he has done that to me before! RYAN!!!!!!!!
  • Our yard service lets our outside dog loose (by accident) and doesn’t inform us.
  • Our favorite local RV Campground notifies us the “day of” that the entire campground is closed because of electrical issues and our entire trip is canceled until they get it fixed and we have $200+ in groceries. Thankfully the next day it was back up and we re-booked the trip…..
  • I have a mani/pedi and within a few days it’s chips!
  • My air conditioner at home goes out and per usual, it’s hot AF and it’s the weekend!