Tinker Bell or Stinker Bell!


Bath time is normally a moment of relaxation, a time for introspection or just a way to repose after a long week, add a little Moscato and some candles and voila! But, when its time to bathe your cat, it can be downright frightening for you and your furry friend! It’s not an equal playing field, cats have claws and we do not. Tinker Bell’s bath-time didn’t really go as planned, I didn’t think it would be a piece of cake; but I also didn’t think it would be quite so dramatic!

Grabbing the cat was painless, I tricked her with cat treats and then ninja heisted her into a luke-warm bath. She instantaneously leapt out of the water and directly into her nearby litter box! For non-cat owners you might not realize the significance of this ordeal, cat-litter is made to clump when wet and it becomes gummy, which makes it extremely messy. Usually clumped cat litter is a good thing, it makes cleaning the litter box easier. It’s not a good thing when it’s stuck on the underbelly of your cat, matted in her fur.

Tinker Bell must have telepathically signaled our dog- Riley into an escape, because out of no where, the bathroom door flew open and out she and the dog ran, muah ha ha-ing down the hallway. My daughter and I looked at each other in utter disbelief, like WTF just happened! Now with Tink’s compadre by her side, she grew a pair and decided she’d rather hide from us, all while spreading the disgusting cat litter every step, leap and muah ha ha she made.


I have to admit we were a teensy bit afraid of our cat’s wrath; claws tend to make me nervous and the expression on Tink’s face wasn’t of sugar & spice and everything nice, it was more of evil, nails and puppy-dogs tails! (sorry Riley, but cats are bitchy) 

The trickery with the cat treats was no longer an effective form of bribery, my daughter and I formulated a scheme to trap her, after first removing her bff Riley. We had to outsmart this duo and quick, before they attained Gosdin household dominance! 

Tink might not have been fooled by the cat treats twice, but the dog sure was, she’s not very bright. Now that Riley was out of the way, Peyton said “lets get the dog harness and leash!” Good idea, that way we can attach the harness and leash to Tink and then the leash to the soap dish. Okay, great plan- now who’s getting the cat……..

“You’re the mother!” said Peyton. I looked up towards God, rolled my eyes and thought… you punk’d me! Well, since I’m the mother I guess that meant my eyes were worthier of getting mauled. I mustered up the courage and grabbed Tinker Bell like a boss, making sure her claws were far from my eyeballs. Peyton and I worked as a tactical team adjusting and maneuvering the oversized dog harness to her wet, trembling, cat-littered body. We shared in the bath-time responsibilities with just a few minor hiccups, a little bite here, a little maul there, until Tinker Bell was sparkling like pixie dust and we were scarred like Frankenstein, lol. 

Yay, cat bath conquered…… now time to clean-up the wet, clumpy, cat-litter….. boo-hiss!