In a Blink of an Eye~ Logan Graduated!

Everyone’s heard the old adage in a “blink of an eye” especially in reference to growing children. In a “blink of an eye” they’ll be walking, in a “blink of an eye” they’ll go to kindergarten and in a “blink of an eye” they’ll graduate from high-school. I took this into consideration as my children grew, reminding myself constantly through the good, the bad & the ugly that this is a phase, a chapter in the story book of life. I understood that childhood was momentary, so I cherished and etched certain moments in my memory.

My oldest graduated from high-school in 2015, our daughter Peyton; who just completed her sophomore year of college. WOW, it literally happened in a “blink of an eye”  like a flash of life gone forever. Now, 2017; it’s our son Logan’s turn to graduate from high-school and I’m not sure I’m ready to let him fly. As a parent you ask yourself, did I give them enough tools to soar, enough backbone to stand on their own, enough character to be upstanding, did I give them ENOUGH?!

One thing I’m sure of, they received more love than they knew what do with; probably more than they wanted. They were tucked in every night, they were told they were loved multiple times daily, they know God and they’ve witnessed his blessings. My eyes are filled with tears of sadness, love and pride. My heart is filled with hope and faith that Ryan and I have taught our children to know their self worth, to never accept less and to always shoot to infinity and beyond!

The most important advice ever given to me as a new parent was “enjoy it” because it will be gone in a “blink of an eye” and that always stuck with me and I want it to stick with you too. I implore you to enjoy; the poopy diapers, the terrible twos, enjoy SpongeBob SquarePants and even the kiddos following you into the bathroom; because in a “blink of an eye” it will all be gone, before you even had a chance to say goodbye!

I’m equally proud of both my children and the young adults they are becoming and I’m excited to see how their story takes shape. I’m also extremely proud of Ryan and I, for comprehending early-on that parenting was the most important job of our lives. I also want to thank wholeheartedly all of our loving relatives who played an integral part in their lives, it takes a village to raise a child and all of us had a defined role in their life and will always have a special place in their hearts! In a “blink of an eye!”