Twisted Tuesday!

Twisted Tuesday

Late last night my daughter and I heard two extremely loud noises in a row, enough so that I jumped out of the bed to look out my window~ while my hubby laid soundly asleep clueless (my hero.) My daughter ran into my room and met me at my window, what was it we asked each other~then we described the noise we heard in very different recollections. Peyton said maybe it was the crazy neighbor from down the street walking by daddy’s truck and he hit it with his walking stick,  I said maybe it was gun shots like POW POW! Our imaginations soared so we decided we would find out. I grabbed a giant flashlight and she unlocked the front door~ I flickered my front door lights on and off to make whomever was outside scared that we were up and aware of the loud noise then I opened the door and yelled out “HEY” in my very best MAN voice and much to my chagrin, someone yelled  “HEY” back! Then I walked out the door a little more only to find my “now” scared new neighbors moving in the house as quietly as they could next door (Midnight, really). They probably thought I yelled at them to quiet down but we really just tried to scare off what we thought was a crazy neighbor from down the street or a possible thief. It’s “Twisted Tuesday” for sure because I have to go next door and explain my craziness to them~ just so they don’t think I was rude~ just a little nuts, but that’s better than being rude….Embarrassing!! PEACE OUT ~GIRLSCOUT