I HATE it when!

running picture

1. Your sock is half off your foot around the heel area in your running shoe~ during a race.

2. I think my sons orthodontist appointment is one day and it’s actually the next.

3. I found out my teenage son had previously drawn vulgar images on his chalkboard closet door, but erased them before I saw them…..

4. My hubby gripes about me watching all the “Real Housewives” T.V. Shows, but as he’s complaining about them, he’s referring to each by name.

5. My cat Tinkerbelle licks paper bags, so annoying!

6. I see or hear GG on “Shahs of Sunset.”

7.I squirt Tilex  around my bathroom and it blows back in my face and in my eyes~ouchie.

8. I wake up every morning  in Louisiana and wish it was Key West, Florida.

9. I think I’m biting into a chocolate chip cookie and realize its raisin and I’ve already committed.

10. It feels like I have a million wasp stingers in my back and it’s not wasps, it’s probably Shingles, which I’m pretty sure is worse. Doctors appointment today to confirm, talk about Ouchy!