I hate it WHEN!


1. A long piece of my hair is stuck on my shirt causing my arm to itch.

2. Every single piece of technology I own is dead.

3. My charging cord is frayed at one end.

4. My cat wants rubbed and I’d rather her rub my back for a change.

5. My dog Riley sheds all over my sofa and can’t pick up his own fur.

6. My kids throw their dirty laundry in the hallway and expect moi’ to launder it….as of lately I just throw it back in their room, haha!

7. My kids have school events on weekends.

8. USPS needs a signature on a delivery and I’m home every minute of everyday except the one damn second on the one damn day they want the freaking signature.

9. People think they’re better than others.

10. My yard blower sucks my finger into it, cutting off my newly polished nail and some of my finger tip!