This is the kind of stock I’m made of~


The other night my mom fell asleep in her living room chair while watching the boob tube. No big deal right? Well this particular mischievous evening my eighty-one year old dad decided it would be funny to prank her while sleeping. He on a normal basis hides little trinkets & oddities in her pillows and around her makeup mirror, they’ve actually made it into quite a routine treasure hunt~ minus the actual treasure. Just a fun entertaining thing they do as a couple to keep the excitement alive (this is G-rated people, it’s my parents after all)  When she finally woke up around midnight in her favorite chair; she had a big dog stuffed animal in her lap and a tag attached to her toe on a string, you know like dead peeps in the morgue (it was really a Louisiana State Fair participant tag, lol). Still groggy, she didn’t know if she was dead or alive. Don’t be jelly, it’s the kind of stock I’m made of. Stay tuned for more:)