What happens when my electricity goes out!

GrillWell lovely South Bossier electricity wanes in & out often, even on beautiful days, such as today. Electricity out, luckily I planned on grilling for dinner, so no big deal, I marinated chicken breast the night before and veggies were ready to be grilled. Everything was going great~ until my outdoor grill caught on fire, literally flames all in it, even coming out of it, ruining my delicious, mouth-watering chicken. I realized the only thing to do before the flames caught the butane tank on fire & then blew me up~ was to douse water on it, but where could I grab water quickly, I looked around my patio & grabbed my outside dogs water bowl & threw it on the flames (the water, not the bowl, drrr)& my once beautiful chicken, was now a fond memory. That’s not all~ as I’m moping back into the hot, humid & sticky house carrying the veggie platter, all while trying to keep the inside dog in & the outside dogs out~ I completely dropped the platter & it shattered everywhere inside & outside my house. So I screamed “Help” my daughter came & got the inside dog & kept her out of the glass, while I kept the big dogs safe & got the glass cleaned up. Right when I finished, I said let’s get the heck out of dodge, so we left the house for cooler territory and grabbed Taco Bell for dinner. This is the shit that happens when my electricity goes out! It came on three hours later, then went off again, then on~ SO FAR!