I LOVE it when #28!

Pey & Log in NO 2013

1. It starts to rain early evening before bed.

2. My hubby comes home with a new SUV, Woot!

3. Peeps pay it forward. Try it…….

4. My DVR is filled with lots of my favorite shows.

5. My kids enjoy our company.

6. I have batteries in my t.v. remote. It’s the first place my kids will grab batteries-even though we have new ones.

7. I spend time with my parents (my BFF’s)!

8. I receive compliments on my children’s behavior. Because Lord knows how teenagers can act. Can I get a Amen & a Hail Mary. Hallelujah!!!!!!

9. I get positive youtube responses.

10. My mammogram is Negative for breast cancer. Please, I encourage everyone to have breast exams. I’m having one today….