I HATE it when #44

Aulani Fun
Aulani Fun

1.One of the kids rip the potato chip bag- all the way to the bottom, not enough chip clips in the world could save it!

2. “Words with Friends” buddies nudge me, sorry!

3. I painted my kids closets with chalkboard paint for fun & aesthetically pleasing & one of their friends drew something obscene on it. I should have painted them when they were younger, rather than teenagers, that’s what I get! (It was quickly erased)

4. I buy large items at Sam’s Club & realize we drove the Jeep there. King Size Mattress-REALLY!

5. The weather men promise snow & the kids are sooo excited only to find out, it hit 30 minutes north of us, east of us, south of us & west of us, JUST NOT US!

6. I buy a box of cereal, only to get to the bottom & NOT find a prize. I instead find some dark brown goo stuck to about 10 of the them & dark brown goo wasn’t at all part of the cereal! Can we all say GROSS together! Glad my son ate most of it, hehe..

7. I hide the potato chips in our room now or my son would eat them all in one day! Growing teenager….

8.I have a painful sore on my thumb that won’t heal, no matter what the dermatologist gives me.

9.I just get back from a big trip & have to unpack, wash & put away everyone’s garments!

10. I get back from a big trip, it means 6 more months till the next one, WAH!


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  1. disneymumma says:

    OMGosh, absolutely! 1, 7 & 9 😀


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