Does this happen or just to unlucky ME?

Bee macro
Bee macro (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


I walked through my kitchen the other day “la, dee, da, da, da” & all of a sudden I got this extremely sharp pain in my toe, I hopped over to my kitchen chair– screaming “Owie, oh, OW,OW,OW,OW,OW,OW & some other explicit words…….which gained the attention of my son, hubby & actually my teenage daughter, enough so – that she poked her head into the hallway (which is a lot, I promise). My hubby looked at the floor to see if I stepped on something sharp and found the culprit. Guess what you think it was…….A. GLASS,  B. BEE or C. LEGO!

The right answer= BEE, who the heck steps on a bee -“ME”— especially in their freaking kitchen…….didn’t the bee know he was suppose to fly & sting me, what was he doing walking in my domain. I had so many questions for the now disabled bee. For instance: How the heck did you get in my house? Why were you walking around, FYI— bee’s are suppose to fly, didn’t you get that memo? Don’t you have a kitchen of your own. You know, normal questions for a bug that invades your space. Does this happen or just to unlucky ME?