I HATE it when #34!

Coke Can
Coke Can (Photo credit: vwb5)

1. I open a brand new bag of chips & it rips down the side.

2. I  try to pour the same chips in a bowl & because the bag is ripped, they spill all over the place—some even fly through the air- but NONE land in my bowl. At least I don’t have to pick them up off the floor, the dog eats them:)

3. Unbeknownst to me, I open up a can of soda that my hubby/kids have shaken. BOOM!

4. My hubby drips coffee down our kitchen cabinet & all over our new kitchen floor–every single day!!!!!

5. & he doesn’t clean it up, AHH:O

6. My hubby thinks driving 30 minutes out-of-the-way to get his license renewed,  is easier than just sitting for 30 minutes in ours:((

7. My whole body aches all over & Ibuprofen doesn’t even scratch the surface!

8. I call to schedule an appointment for a “Specialist” for my current painful symptoms—but the earliest appointment is one month away! Annoying…

9. I call my son at his friend’s house— in advance–so he’ll be outside when I arrive & he’s NEVER outside! Then I call again–wasted first call

10. I finish all the laundry, then have to put it all away! Vicious cycle