My Dad loves finding little treasures!

Fair 2012 046My funny, kid at heart, 79 year old dad loves, loves, loves to pick up just about anything he see’s on the ground! Sometimes it’s a diamond ring or two, coins, & sometimes its just plain trash & other times— WELL…. While at the Wal-Mart the other day My dad, daughter & I had our hands full of cheese, hot dogs & ant hotels—my dad spots a treasure on the ground–he stares at it for a second, then bends down to pick it up, once in his hand & close to his face, he realizes QUICK just what he’s found. He yells  “Oh my God, it’s a TURD—-human feces–REAL people poop!” he then threw it back on the ground & screamed “take these hot dogs, I have to wash my hands!” My daughter & I were like NUH-Uh, No way–still LMAO!” we didn’t want anywhere near his newest find or anything that was near IT!!!! I think after this momentous event, he’ll think twice before picking anything up!!!!!!! Or at least sniff it first!