I HATE it when #31

Cracked iPhone Screen

1. I just put lotion all over my hands & my ear has an itch, happened today!

2. My son yells at the top of his lungs “Blow out the candle, it smells like crap!” —–today

3. When I have many projects at hand, but not sure how to tackle them.

4. When my daughter gets her phone taken up at school for the third time this year! Not again….

5. When I’m setting out Christmas lights & it starts raining.

6.When I’m out & about on Black Friday & my cell phone goes dead & my portable cell-phone charger is also dead!

7. People are rude on Black Friday, except me–I usually have good reason, REALLY!

8. I need a pair of scissors & can’t find any, knowing we have many pairs around the house. Or when I do find a pair & their the dullest pair I own, the same pair I state over & over I’m throwing away & NEVER get around to actually doing it!!!!

9. Lets talk tape, how annoying, when you finally pry it away from other tape, it rips diagonally & too short or too long then it gets stuck back on tape you pried it off originally! Again, how annoying, Am I right?

10. I cracked my freaking iPHONE screen & it shattered into a million little crevices & the small town I was in didn’t        have a iDOCTOR to fix it, but the guy at Best Buy knew a guy at the tractor supply store who could do it. I can’t make this shit up!!!


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  1. disneymumma says:

    Amen, sister! 😀


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