I’m Officially Elderly!

 I went for a practice 3.1 mile run this evening– preparing for my runDisney 5k this Saturday. Just a half mile into my run I fell & cut my knee, elbow & hand! I dropped pretty hard to the ground–dusted the concrete off my new Bobo’s– did the infamous look around to see if anyone saw me & had a quick pity party for myself — then jumped up and kept on running!! I only ran 2.1 miles tonight, I feel I had a good excuse. Wednesday I’ll run 3.1  for sure, but just in case—I should wear knee/elbow pads!#Overthehillatforty


Picture on right=my actual Bobo on knee! Getting swollen, OWIE…


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  1. disneymumma says:

    Ouchie!! Kudos on getting back up and running on! 🙂


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