I Hate it when #28!

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1. I’m walking by a cabinet & my silk jammies get wrapped around a drawer pull & it yank’s me back & the cabinet open. You’d be surprised how often this happens!!!!

2. I let another driver over in front of me & they don’t wave thank you! RUDE…..

3. I’m driving through a Wal-Mart parking lot and people don’t get out of my vehicles way, act like they own the street!

4. I drive through a Wal-Mart parking lot…Admit it, you don’t like to either!!!!!!!!!!

5. I go to “Everything’s a Dollar” and hear someone ask how much?

6. I’m at a store & inevitably have to urinate & they give you a little bitty key to the restroom on a giant fluorescent orange plastic bat, as to deter you from taking it home. You’re probably wondering where I shop huh!!!!!hahahahah

7. Puppies are not born potty trained! WHY??????

8. I go to McDonald’s & receive what I think is Diet Coke & find out its carbonated water, after I’ve already pulled away!

9. Commercials come on t.v.!

10. I drop everything I’m doing to meet a delivery person at a certain time & there MIA! The minute I leave, they show up….TODAY