Sonic Drive In & Handicap Parking—Why???

Can you say odd! We pulled up to “Sonic Drive-In” this evening for a quickie dinner & I almost pulled in a handicap parking space, then the kids & I looked at each other & giggled, why would anyone ever get out of their car at a drive-in….Car hops come to you, there’s no public restroom…and it was a distant parking spot also, the furthest from the main building….a little bizarre & funny at the same time!

P.S. In absolutely no way am I making fun of handicapped people, just Sonic for the odd placement & use for a handicap parking space…..Im sure its a law, but it just tickled us…


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  1. lori gambrel says:

    It is basic. We have a screwed up government. One that enables people through entitlements. Lets face it, most people that park in handicap spaces need to walk and get the fat off their asses.


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