I HATE it when #25!

English: Hotel key card holder. The holder con...
English: Hotel key card holder. The holder contains a simple switch that will turn on the lights in the room. Photographed in Sokos Hotel Vaakuna in Mikkeli. Suomi: Hotellin avainkortin pidike. Pidike sisältää yksinkertaisen kytkimen joka kytkee huoneen valot päälle. Kuvattu Mikkelin Sokos Hotel Vaakunassa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. The kids are rifling through the cabinets in the kitchen & I’m too lazy to see what their doing!

2. My coffee becomes cold, I dislike cold coffee!

3.My family receives bogus phone calls on their cell phone from strangers– wanting strangers.

4. Commercials come on, I hate interruptions….

5. I get lotion in my wedding ring!

6.Cheap lotion, that doesn’t soak in my skin.

7. Drying my hair, what a waste of time!

8. We take a drive & my kids are griping the entire trip……..yesterday!!!!!

9. It’s cloudy out, go ahead & rain already!

10. I arrive at my hotel room after toting luggage, elevator is down, so up the stairs to find out my electronic key doesn’t work, that sucks!