I Hate it when # 22!

A toilet paper roll
A toilet paper roll (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. I try to grab a few sheets of toilet paper and only get bits & barely pieces off the roll– while hovering over a public toilet….

2. I have to go number 2 in a Park bathroom or Rest Area & then to make it worse—there is NO soap– just a sink & hand dryer. That’s why I carry sanitizer.

3. My lips are chapped.

4. Mosquitoes bite me.

5. Bumble bees make holes in my wood posts & drop the saw dust on my glass patio table. Double whammy…

6. Bob Barker retired from “The Price is Right!”

7. I have a cut on the tip of my finger & get paint in it! OUCH….

8. Paint doesn’t feel good when it lands on your eyeball either. OUCH, OUCH!

9. Dick Clark passed away!

10. My hubby beats me on Words with Friends over & over again & he sucks at spelling & I’m great at spelling…usually—lucky letters that’s all:)