Naughty or Nice?

Christmas in the post-War United States
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I said a few unsavory words, under my breath & maybe to her face, about a lady who cut in front of me–NAUGHTY

I let a few cars drive in front of me at the mall–NICE

I used great restraint in store when Wal-Mart had no employees opening up there locked game cabinets–NICE & a little NAUGHTY

I helped someone find a special toy on their kids Christmas list–NICE

My daughter tackled her brother on couch in our den–NAUGHTY

My son also tackled his sister–NAUGHTY

Then they were sweet siblings again, just in time for a mutual friend to come over–NICE (I smell a rat)

My mom bought me some Mickey Mouse PJ’s from Target for Xmas & I’m 39–DOUBLE NICE

My hubby loves his new shotgun, early Xmas present–NICE

I spent afternoon recently with my baby nephew Carson–NICE

Our cat Tink puked on my bed today–NAUGHTY

Xmas shopping over, unless I see something else, I gotta have–NICE & NAUGHTY on my pocketbook (did I really say, pocketbook –twice)

I have absolutely no gas in my car again for the 3rd time this week–NAUGHTY

Gas prices are lower–NICE

Christmas is in 3 days–NICE