I HATE it when #10!

Harry Potter: cena do filme1. I’m wearing a pair of socks & one gets wet.

2. My cat purr’s to loud.

3. My dog runs back & forth in my yard so much, he has a trail in the grass, looks messy!

4. Things are out-of-place!

5. My kids go totally crazy & its hard to control them, usually after sugar! Ah-ha, no sugar then!!!!!!

6. My son builds tee pee forts in backyard  with tree limbs & a sheet, when he already has a tent up & a club house!

7. My daughter plays her music for the whole house to hear, when putting her makeup on!

8. Holidays are coming, because that means kids are out of school & stuck at home with me (being naughty)…..LOL, JK!

9. My hubby forgets to take the trash out on trash day, then my son forgets & I have to do it! That’s hubbies only home responsibility, Luv him.

10. I watched the last Harry Potter ever!! Sad  for it to come to the end –great series!!! My children pretty much grew up during it:((((