Is this WEIRD #1

A few weeks ago, we found the perfect costume for my son Logan, he loves hot dogs, it’s a running joke everywhere we go fancy restaurant or not, he eats them. So when we saw the Hot Dog Costume, it was a perfect fit. Picture this, we’re driving home from picking up this marvelous weiner creation & like any kid, with a new costume he wants to put it on! His Hot dog suit is on, he looks hilarious &  we still have about a 20 minutes drive home & he decides to leave it on, to see what passerby’s will do, mind you it’s not Halloween yet.

OMG it was the funniest thing ever, driving past unsuspecting strangers in a giant HOT DOG SUIT hanging out the window saying “Like my buns & giggling!” “See my weiner!” that one, only happened once before I snatched his mustard & threatened to take his buns back to Target (pun intended) We were able to video the whole experience, I hadn’t laughed that hard in years, I enjoyed myself so much, I just kept driving around, thru shopping centers, eateries, fire stations, etc. The happy reaction from people pointing, smiling & giving thumbs up was SO contagious, we’ve thought this should be a monthly occurrence, why not spread this excitement around all year-long. So if you see a black SUV around town, with a boy in a HOT DOG suit , don’t be alarmed, We’re just spreading Hot Dog Love,  IS THIS WEIRD? LOL…..