Plumber & Paw paw “I’ll take one for the team!”

The Plumber
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The plumber was visiting my dads house a few years ago. Regular occurrence in the neighborhood because it was built around Pecan orchards. I was over visiting, no big surprise. The plumber was snaking the drains, toilets, whatever plumbers snake & he finally figured out the problem.  Mean while, I was sitting at the table enjoying a nice lunch, minding my own business, my mother was at work & no other woman around the house, but me. My dad scream’s “Dawn come in here” I walked into my old bathroom from 1994 with my dad & the plumber. My dad & the plumber look at me & said “Look this is the plumbing problem” and held up a soggy tampon in the plumbers gloves. I felt the blood rush to my face, I was standing there stuck in the tiny bathroom, shocked & horrified. I was first surprised that my dad would throw me under the bus like that & in front of a total strange plumber & also why was I being blamed, it had not been my bathroom in years & it’s not like my name was carved in it. I wasn’t the only woman in the household, for goodness sake, I had not lived there in over a decade! As if that wasn’t humiliating enough, the plumber directs me not to flush tampons down the toilet (S.O.B)!


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