Hubby & Tampax

Tampax Vending Machine for sale in Brighton
Image by JetSetJim via Flickr

I don’t use coupons often, but my sis gave me a coupon for tampax, $1.00 off, SCORE! Since I’ve been watching extreme couponing, I thought that dollar would be a great beginning, you have to start somewhere right! I was busy one evening and asked my hubby to run grab me some items from the store, you guessed it, in that list, I had Tampax. Ryan being the sweetie pie he is, said “fine” he’s gotten those things in the past for me. I realized after he left, I didn’t give him the coupon, so I called him & said come back & grab the coupon. He said “Its bad enough, I have to get you Tampax, there is noooooooo way I’m using a coupon for them, I said you can save a dollar, he said” I’ll give you a dollar & you can use it on your next box, that you buy!”