10 Constructive Ideas to keep both Adults & Kids Busy During Social Distancing!

First~ Stop Whining, Start Winning!

These are positive, constructive ways to help use your time wisely with so many kiddos and parents STUCK at home!

I’ll break this down into two groups: Adults/Kids! With no further ado, lets get this quarantine party started!


  1. Begin your Spring Cleaning. With a virus out and about, deep clean nooks and crannies. Things that you never thought about before, like; curtains, rugs, throws, carpets, lamp shades, dog beds, t.v. sets, etc! Most everything can be washed. Not that fun, but necessary! WASH YOUR HANDS
  2. Rearrange or Redecorate a room in your house. Paint it, change the window treatments, change out lamps from other rooms in your home! Rotate rugs into new spaces. I get it, not fun for some peeps, don’t worry more fun suggestions are on the way. WASH YOUR HANDS
  3. Write a book, a play, a script! Everyone has an imagination, albeit, every person is not William Shakespeare, Ernest Hemingway or J.K. Rowling. But EVERYONE has a voice and you’re born to use it, so USE IT! No one has to read it, but you, or maybe, just maybe- a Literary Agent or two! WASH YOUR HANDS
  4. Contemplate your life, your job, priorities, morals! Focus on what’s important to you. WASH YOUR HANDS
  5. Paint a beautiful work of art! Albeit, everyone is not Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh or Salvador Dali. But most of us have enjoyed “Painting with a twist” a time or two. Maybe a little extra on the twist!! Paint some “happy little trees!” Bob Ross. WASH YOUR HANDS
  6. Play Games; Boardgames, Wii, Xbox, Cards, Chess, etc. WASH YOUR HANDS
  7. Learn a new Language! With so many online programs, apps and tutorials you can learn just about anything. Rosetta Stone (program) and Duolingo (free app) are two of my faves. WASH YOUR HANDS
  8. Start a YouTube Channel! You might not think you have something to offer, but EVERYONE has something special, unique or otherwise interesting to share, teach, or show other folks. All you can do is try, it’s FREE! My channel is Dawn’s Dorky Diary! WASH YOUR HANDS
  9. Read the Bible, Novel or Comic Strip! WASH YOUR HANDS
  10. Learn a new skill like ballroom dancing: Tango, Cha Cha or the Rumba! There are plenty of YouTube videos, Tutorials to at least get you grooving! Maybe even Martial Arts! Be the next Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan or Chuck Norris. JOKE- “Chuck Norris tested positive for the Coronavirus. The Virus will be quarantined for the next two weeks!” LMAO- WASH YOUR HANDS

BONUS- Exercise! Use this forced “leave of absence” to lose that excess weight. Zumba your fine ass back to work, 15 pounds lighter. WASH YOUR HANDS


  1. Do your online homework! BOO, I get it, I disliked homework in general. But once that’s finished, then you can enjoy free time to create and most importantly play. WASH YOUR HANDS
  2. Crafts such as; Origami, Cross Stitch, Paint, Color, Draw, Sing! WASH YOUR HANDS
  3. Learn a new Instrument, you probably have a few lying around the house. Tinker with it, you never know, you could become the next Ludwig van Beethoven, Jimi Hendrix or Taylor Swift! WASH YOUR HANDS
  4. Of course you could always enjoy Social Media; SnapChat, Insta, Skype, Text, YouTube or Tik Tok with classmates, friends, fans! WASH YOUR HANDS
  5. Play Multi-Player Video Games! Become a master of your domain! WASH YOUR HANDS
  6. Play outside in your backyard or neighborhood park! Build a treehouse, fort or pop a tent up in the backyard and pretend you’re camping!Jump on a trampoline and get some exercise. Ride your bike or roller skate! WASH YOUR HANDS
  7. Learn to cook! Help mom or dad in the kitchen. Be the next; Jacques Pépin, Julia Child or Masaharu Morimoto. You may become an Iron Chef one day! WASH YOUR HANDS
  8. Learn social skills; Effective Communication, Active Listening, Conflict Resolution, Empathy, Relationship management and most importantly (Aretha Franklin most well-known song)  R-E-S-P-E-C-T! (who sang it, I did) WASH YOUR HANDS
  9. Learn Cursive Writing or Addressing an envelope. Basic life skills! Lordt, I never thought there would be a time when this was NOT taught! WASH YOUR HANDS
  10. Stay Active! Move and groove by helping your parents around the house; mow the yard, paint the shed, plant a garden, water the plants or walk your dog. WASH YOUR HANDS

BONUS- Write to your U.S. & Local Service Members and thank them for your protection! Also the Healthcare Providers around the country….

Make this time away from school, work, travel and people mean something more than just mayhem! Make it count! Since you have no control over the outcome, then change the way you focus on it! Don’t sabotage yourself unwittingly by adopting negative, unproductive attitudes.

When all else fails-DRINK!

Don’t forget- WASH YOUR HANDS!