I LOVE it when!

* Every Dr. under the sun is searching for years (almost a decade) for a diagnosis for you and they FINALLY find it and begin treatment! Psoriatic Arthritis

* My hubby brings me coffee in the morning without me asking!

* MY SON tells us that he’s lucky and he knows it! Usually, as parents, you hear you did a great job when your child becomes an adult and has his or her own children, if you do at all! Logan told us that some of his acquaintances, friends & co-workers bitch about their parents or lack there of.  He replied to them “that’s where I’m lucky!” Feels good!!

* I’m in the moment and fully present!

* I’m focused on a task, without getting sidetracked! DAMN~ ADHD

* I enjoy what I’m doing even though peeps just don’t get it! It’s funny to me. I LOVE it because they don’t have to get it, as long as I do. I have to live with myself- NOT them.. I.e. Blogging & especially Vlogging

* I have a creative outlet!

* My hubby believes in me!

* I connect with a great book, especially Philosophy!

* My daughter is living her Happily Ever After!