My Hubby’s Annoying Addiction! 

My hubby has a very bad habit, obsession, dare I say, an annoying addiction that we’ve never shared with anyone. I cannot, I will not keep his dirty secret any longer. He repeatedly, incessantly, literally nonstop shows us videos, memes or photos from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram (new fave). You’re probably thinking “Wow, the videos must be important, relevant or down right interesting!” Wrongo……. They are the most awful, display of imagery our family has ever laid our eyes on.

The subject matter is all over the place, he’s definitely not discriminatory; anything from Cats fully clothed floating in space, Raccoons playing basketball or the mainstay, good ole’ LSU Tigers! The topics range from absurd to disturbed! If It has something to do with: scores, teammates, animals, injured players, Dave Chappelle, politics, draft picks, weather phenomenon, cars, underwater sea life, music video’s, current or a 20 year old sporting events, Chris Rock, squirrels water skiing, we’ve probably seen it. It’s not just LSU centered; its also the New Orleans Saints. He is sport-neutral, not bias in the least; he doesn’t just love one sport, they are equal in his eyes and unfortunately now ours. NBA, MLB and now after practically 20 years of marriage, I found, he loves the NHL too, lord kill me now (not really)! It doesn’t have to be minor or major league either, peewee sports are also show worthy videos. I have found that NASCAR and MMA are not really his thing,,,,,,,,,,yet! I also realized that he loves initialisms, as much as I do. (WDW)

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It’s gotten to the point where our agenda doesn’t matter, if we are breathing, he’s a callin’; he loves us to watch with him, laugh, give feedback and really participate in his viewing pleasure. It’s so bad that he will try to show us something together or individually, while: swimming, cooking, church, washing the dog, vacuuming the car, cleaning the toilet, the other day he literally scared the shit out of me when I was, well doing what I just said, and he thought it the perfect time to show me some whack-ass video. About a week ago, he popped his head in the shower to show me something, you know “Psycho-esque,” I was terrified and knew without doubt that he needed major “anti-video” therapy or someone was going to get hurt and it wasn’t going to be me or the kids.

He’s cried wolf so many times, that no one comes when called anymore, they don’t want to subject their eyes to the unfortunate ridiculousness. I’d hate if a real-life emergency arose and my family wasn’t there because we were afraid, yet again, a preposterous image would be shown……Even still, he would show the EMT’s, Hospital Staff, Funeral Director, Ghosts and God the idiotic memes. The hubby that cried wolf!

P.S. I hope by “video shaming” him, I can change him! Woot😉