I LOVE it when #29!

Candy bars1. I have an awesome new mattress to sleep on.

2. My teenagers enjoy a Disney Cruise.

3. We travel to Port Canaveral for a DCL cruise & on the way back home, my hubby makes a pit stop at Downtown Disney for lunch & shopping!

4. My son sells a 60 pack of candy bars for his band fundraiser, knowing we’ll buy all sixty!

5. My daughter has her drivers license & can take her brother to Summer Band Camp at 8am for two weeks.

6. Summer is a gentle mixture of rain & sunshine, helping my plants get water naturally without me having to water daily.

7. I get a new piece of Disney jewelry.

8. Candles are lit in my house & it smells like baked cookies!

9. My dog Riley while at vet-cation doesn’t bite the veterinarian.

10. My kids actually tell me something I made for dinner tastes good!


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  1. So excited to see that great big beautiful smile of yours!


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