Hints for “MY” Mother’s Day!

English: Mother's Day card
English: Mother’s Day card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. The always nice “breakfast in bed”! Bagel thin & peppered bacon, yummo!

2. Shiny NEW Ray Bans — Hubby, you know which pair I like, (the kids don’t have any money,  so front them some) hint:) I tried them on the other day, REMEMBER:)

3. I’m served all day,  waited on hand & foot with a SMILE – by my children. You know, nicely waited on,  like Princess MOM, here are your slippers my lady, with no “UHHHHHH” attached to it….. Oh & don’t throw the slippers at me, place them gently on my feet….–this hasn’t even happened, although I’m feeling quite pampered.

4. Speaking of hand & foot –Mani’s & Pedi’s are always excellante’.

5. Massages are a nice touch, get it touch–hehe, Oh & not by the kids. Preferably a paid professional….

6. Bought Flowers are lovely, but hand-picked is much more thoughtful, Awe.

7. Mexican Lunch is great,  but Italian dinner is better!

8. A handmade card…. REALLY,  I’m sentimental—-more focus on the MENTAL–my hubby would joke, so I just beat him to the punch, bwahahahahahahahah!

9. DISNEY Kitchen Wares *@*

10. When in doubt: JEWELRY, JEWELRY, JEWELRY!!! Mother’s, can I get an AMEN!!! (hubby, help the kids out with this one too)