I LOVE it When #21

rainbow from deck 05312005
(Photo credit: Joshua & Amber)

1. Women get along & aren’t bitchy with one another..RAISE each other UP girls, not down!

2. My nail polish goes on smoothly & dries quickly.

3. I don’t have to listen to Sofia Vergara, Penelope Cruz or Salma Hayek’s voice, if I don’t want to! ICK

4. I hear the song “Over the Rainbow”

5. My hubby sings in the car.

6. I smell a nice aroma = perfume, cologne, real Xmas tree, flowers, etc!

7. My daily run is over!

8. I delete a lot of shows off my DVR.

9. My Chi-Poo puppy doesn’t leave a surprise on our leather couch.

10.  I know all the correct words to a song.