Is this WEIRD? with a Rap….

Preparing Meat Rabbits
Preparing Meat Rabbits (Photo credit: Chiot’s Run)

My family,  mainly my hubby tries to trick me, all the time into eating weird animals! Like squirrel, rabbit, snake, alligator & other oddities, like balls of something & I mean balls! They giggle or smirk when asking me to try something, they think if they mix it with stew or roux, I’ll try it–I’m on to them…….here’s a little rap–just for you dear hubby!

Ode to my hubby: Just because I live down South, doesn’t mean I wanna eat a mouse. I think that’s one thing so far– you haven’t tricked me with, the day you do– I’ll be pretty pissed! No more “It taste like Chicken!” or “You’ll love it, its good!” I don’t trust you with food now & if we’re being  honest, I never really did. So stop plotting ways for me to eat tongue or balls of a rodent, its never gonna happen, unless I’m buried in the ground with my mouth wide open. Watch out, silly hubby tricks are for kids, two can play at that game & maybe I already did. HAHEHAHE