I LOVE it when #18

Atlantis, Nassau, Bahamas
Atlantis, Nassau, Bahamas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1.The ice dispenser works without spilling ice all over my floor.

2. I can’t figure out the ending of a movie, that’s a good movie….

3. Pouring a glass of Coke Zero, the foam doesn’t go over my glass.

4. My clothes come out  of the dryer wrinkle free & I don’t have to iron them.

5. My iron doesn’t leak water all over my clothes.

6. It’s raining & I have my umbrella.

7. All my lightbulbs are working, at the same time!

8. My family is laughing together.

9. My kids are not hitting one another, yay!

10. My family is going on a cruise to the Bahamas, very very soon! WOOT!!!