Deodorizer Fart Pads–Really


You don’t have to be in elementary school to giggle at these in-underwear deodorizer fart pads. Laced with activated charcoal, these ingenious (but not particularly sexy) adhesive pads help neutralize even the most odoriferous of releases. Just think, no more embarrassing silent-but-deadlies midmeeting or blaming that noxious smell on the dog. They’re surely a lifesaver for anyone suffering from intestinal issues, and they definitely beat overdosing on Chanel No. 5. We’re going to spend the rest of the day wondering who’s wearing one & giggling.

Let it rip with these deodorizer fart pads

Exact Article from MSN website

This article was hilarious! I know a lot of people I could offer these to! No offense if I know you & you think its you!  HAHAHAHHAHAHA


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