I LOVE it when #15

Word with friends - getting owned
Word with friends – getting owned (Photo credit: Dave Schumaker)

1. My family & friends receive great results from doctor!

2. I paint my nails & they dry without bumping something first.

3. I beat my hubby at anything: Monopoly, Chess, Words with Friends, any contest, argument, air hockey, video games, trivia–get the hint, so fun..

4. I sneak off in hubbies jeep & a great song comes on radio & I blare it– like I’m a teenager again.

5. I have absolutely no worries!

6.I get a full nights sleep! Rarely:(

7. I have a new goal to work towards.

8. Giuliana & Bill Rancic finally get preggers (gestational carrier) Woot!

9. I totally surprise someone!

10. After years of marriage my hubby still gives me THAT look! You know “this is why I love you look!”