My Glorious Morning, 5 things that shouldn’t have happened!

Splitting Headache
Splitting Headache (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It started out at the crack of DAWN (LOL) & a massive headache:

1.) My hubby woke me & informed me, he’s going fishing–BIG No No, it’s so hard for me to go to sleep & when I am, don’t wake me, especially if it’s still dark outside, don’t people write notes anymore. Headache began.

 2.)I actually fell back asleep with coaxing  from an episode of the “Golden Girls” & I awoke this time-to the sound of  my beagle ” Baxter” running thru our house terrorizing my son  & his friend (sleepover) and them trying to trick him–very loudly I might add, to the backyard with a piece of cheese.”Take the cheese, take the cheese, Baxter!—TAKE THE CHEESE!”

3.) Went back to bed, as I laid there, I heard another loud noise, this time my son & his friend & another friend (that’s #4)had broken a glass & I heard  my son yell “It burns, it burns, as his friends were trying to put water on it, I attended to my son’s new cut, then spent 25 minutes cleaning up shards of glass & just sleepover mess.

4.) Letting another young boy (neighbor) in my house so early in the morning without permission…………

5.) Massive headache times 5, I go back to bed. The drama & excitement at  8:00am on a Sunday morning had reached towering heights. When, what to my wondering ears should I hear, but two crazy kids playing instruments loudly in my ears. Oh, you know I sprang from my bed to see about the clatter…..

Those were the 5 things that shouldn’t have happened & all before 9:00am.I’m a good person I thought, was this payback for something I’ve done: Oh yeah, My Mom warned me, when I become a mother-all the things I did when I was younger would come back to me & she hoped it would be three-fold for all I put her through. Well Mom, looks like you got your wish, THANKS! LOL…..