I HATE it when # 20

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1. I’m seated on a plane by a stranger for almost six hours and no window on either side of me!

2. The person behind me that I tried not to make eye contact with, is bored in the grocery store line & talks my ear off.

3.My whole family falls asleep at the LAX airport & woke up, just in time to make connecting flight.

4. My hubby drops his wallet out of pocket while whole family is asleep in airport & a stranger hands it back to him– we don’t know how long stranger had it! (thankful but scary)

5. The last day of Hawaii Vacay & hubby was sick & puking all day!

6. I’m reading a book on a plane & start laughing so loud people are looking at me funny, I didn’t realize how loud because my ears needed popped! Their’s obviously didn’t..

7. I see hobo’s or wigged out people while on vacation, or really anytime! Makes me sad & on a vacation you want to be especially upbeat. I guess that’s why I LOVE Disney, not too many cracked out goofy’s running around, I don’t think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

8. I trip on wet steps near the water slide at our resort, and fell hard BUMP< BUMP< BUMP & bruise immediately, you laugh as not to look stupid-even though you still do–then you cry::(( boo hoo boo hoo

9. On “Finding Bigfoot” they never find a bigfoot, Sasquatch, swamp booger, wood bugger, etc!

10. My family rents a cute convertible in Hawaii on our sightseeing day to North Shore & Waikiki & it rains most the day! Real cute..