Hot Springs with Senior Citizens

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Picture this scenario: We’re in my car in Hot Springs celebrating my mom’s 66th birthday with the usual suspects-My senior citizen parents (don’t act like it) two kids (12, 14) & myself (driving) & my mom’s holding all weekend an “Over the hill” wand with glitter we gave her and saying “jaWONG”  her special magic word. I pass up the street I was supposed to turn on, so I decide to turn around at this old run down nursing home. So as I’m driving past it–I state “Well here you go daddy, were here, your new home–I couldn’t afford the luxurious “The Atrium” on the lake, so this is it, hahahhaha!”-My mom laughs ….Then I said “SURPRISE momma, there’s a bonus– you’re going with him, hahahhaahah!” She didn’t think that was funny, so as I was pulling out of the nursing home parking lot, she “jaWONGED ” me with her wand & I hit a pothole & coffee went flying literally all over my car. I didn’t realize till later how much damage that wand & word cost me, my dad found a huge piece of metal in my back passenger tire, costing me, a whole new set of tires. I won’t threaten my parents again—— as long as her wand is around, LOL!

Something special for my dear sweet parents:
 You’re senior citizens now – so watch out, one swift kick and you might break a hip, your wand might have magic, but your special word “jaWONG” is silly & tragic. Haha, you think that your funny with the metal in my tire & coffee on my seats–lets see how y’all feel when the old run down nursing home is under your feet. “jaWONG!!!!!!”

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  1. Mama says:

    Dear Dawn, “You may be young now ,but your turn will come,When Peyton and Logan have you under THEIR thumb! You’ll be too old to run and hide. But don’t worry , in the Nursing Home I’ll be YOUR guide! Your Loving Senoir Citizen Mom!


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