I HATE it when #16

The Cheesecake Factory "Ultimate Red Velv...1. Storage Wars is a rerun.

2. My dad finds a big piece of metal sticking in my passenger rear tire & its 5pm.

3. A new tire for my SUV cost 300.00.

4. I cheat on my low carb diet with Cheesecake Factory Red Velvet Cheesecake, but so worth it!

5. I forget to mail something very important.

6. I get frightened by an unexpected bug & scream so LOUD that I scare someone else & the bug.

7. Things are running to smooth, what’s wrong…….

8. Winter dries out my skin & I look like a lizard.

9. People cut in front of each other at the middle school carpool line, cut-throat

10. My son forgot to tell me the start date for a new creative writing class & last Friday I went to retrieve him from school, he was nowhere to be found, so I questioned teachers–no idea, I talked to office about afterschool class–no cxed they told me…. I was panicked looking through the neighborhood, calling his friends. Then after ten long minutes & about to call 911 the phone rang & its my son telling me the office staff came looking for him & he was in his new Creative Writing Class that they originally told me was cxed. After giving him a good stern, don’t ever do this to your (now crying) mother speech, I let him finish his NON-CXED new Creative Writing class—-I sure gave him something to write about, a Crazy Mother!!!!!