They call me “Ronnie!”

Bigfoot, as imagined by a Canadian artist.
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In the evening, I’m usually reading, writing or watching  T.V.  I have many fav’s: Golden girls  DVD collection, Jefferson’s on DVR, Deadliest Catch (RIP Phil Harris), Hillbilly Hand Fishin'(really), IRT deadliest roads, Swamp people (“Choot Em Liz”), Mythbusters, Storage Wars(“Yeppp”), DOG, the bounty hunter, Hoarders, Whale Wars (Bob Barker) & last but surely not least, Ice Road Truckers (Lisa, you rock), etc. Do you see the pattern, mainly male dominated shows, its a running joke in my house, so much to where my family has nicknamed me “Ronnie.” seriously……

I also do a lot of “manly” yardwork & I don’t mean just trimming the hedges or blowing the sidewalk, full on chainsawing limbs down, upholstering furniture, carpeting  our boat, assembling grill  & patio furniture, painting, tileing, digging, drywalling, deconstructed our screen porch-brick & all. When I want something done, I do it, I don’t have time to wait on someone else. I’m a self motivated, strong, independant woman, and if that’s called manly, then call me Ronnie, give me a bruskey & leave me alone, while I scratch my balls.

I enjoy girly shows as well:  The Housewives of all the cities except Atlanta, Project Runway, DWTS, Little Couple, What Not to wear, Say Yes to the Dress, Bridezillas, Giuliana (God bless her) & Bill, Hoarders, etc. I love to dress up & go to formal events or dress down and go camping & fishing with my family. I’m the best of both worlds.

My hobbies don’t help the “Ronnie” nickname, so many things I do reflect “manly” I mountain bike, so my biking attire isn’t real feminine, unless I went topless, NO, not going to do that, I can see it now “Momma, what did you get arrested for?” “Well kids,  topless biking.” I snow ski–but again, all covered up from head to toe & outdoors, Hiking–I guess can be girly but I still have boots on and I’m traipsing thru the forest—with a knife, so not sooo much. Oh that reminds me, Finding Bigfoot another manly show I like, Crap , I guess I just can’t get away from it. I am RONNIE, and you know what, I love it!!!!!!!!