Pie in face!

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Have you ever wanted to throw a pie in someones face, you know like in the movies, or old comedy skits. Well one day while my dear, sweet hubby was working hard mowing the lawn, I decided that today was the day, cease the opportunity, right! I grabbed a pie from the freezer and waited patiently behind the car giggling about what was about to take place. Different scenarios played out in my head, was he going to love this as much as I, pie in his eyes might burn, the pie might be sticky in his hair, but I soon realized that I was willing to take the risks, all for a good laugh at his expense. Back to the story, so when it was time for him to mow his next row of grass, out I jumped and let him have it, right in the kisser. It didn’t go exactly as planned, in the movies you see pie go everywhere, all over the persons face, this pie was still a little frozen and hard and it didn’t go very far, it hit his face and dropped dead on his feet! The anticipation of the gag was more fun than the gag itself, and needless to say, my hubby didn’t know what hit him, literally. So I did what any other person in this odd situation would do, I ran!