Unexpected Value at Disney Parks!


In Louisiana, we call it Lagniappe- A little something extra!

Does Mickey love Minnie? Is Goofy, well Goofy? Was Walt Disney imaginative? I could go on, but the answer would stay the same; unequivocally YES, I feel Disney is worth the expense and here are some of the reasons why.

Unexpected Values~

You aren’t just paying to ride attractions; you’re paying for the immersive experience that I feel only Disney Parks can provide. Adulthood unfortunately spawns skepticism, if you catch a glimpse of your inner childhood at least once as a grownup, you’re very fortunate. At Disney its alive; body, mind, and spirit with 360 degrees of “all that and a bag of Mickey treats.” When I vacation at Disney Parks, sail on Disney Cruise Line, or hang loose at Disney’s Aulani Resort and Spa, I feel I’m in a perpetual state of fantasy. Peter Pan syndrome is in full effect and it’s not just accepted, it’s expected!

I’m hypnotized by the charm, cleanliness, and atmosphere of Disney properties. The feeling of being swept away to a magical place and time is spellbinding and as an adult, necessary. My definition of value is a fair price for quality services provided. Disney’s value far exceeds the price; their product is “off the fo’ shizzle!” or better said “off the Mickey hizzle!” You would have to search long and hard to find: chipped paint, litter, rude Cast Members (employees) or even landscaping out of place. They pride themselves on the tiniest of details so your trip is seamless and carefree. You won’t see Cast Members rolling garbage cans through Cinderella Castle or arguing with each other about having to work an extra shift because Snow White was a no-show. “Real world” to some extent has long gone and it’s been replaced with whimsical lands and characters of neveryear, lol.


Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Society today is NOT well-mannered. Disney Cast Members possess a certain level of restraint and integrity whilst whistling while they work; if there was no “magical” composure, then guests like drunken Dave or rude Rachel would get a bear-hug and I don’t mean from Winnie the Pooh. Included with your Disney experience are pixie dust extras you might not have given much thought: dazzling fireworks, glittering parades, extensive stage shows and memorable character interactions. Authentic back drops and attraction storylines are just a walk in the park for this professional posse.

It might not be a monetary value but it’s a value none-the-less. FastPass+ is a virtual queuing system at no additional cost to park guests. FastPass+ allows guests to virtually hold a place in line at the most popular attractions therefore avoiding long waits and allowing guests to maximize their time with family.

The ability to access “My Disney Experience” is an unexpected value at Disney parks. You can make and/or alter your Disney hotel, dining, and FastPass+ reservations in advance or on-the-go.

Something that’s rarely talked about with Disney is their security, it’s second to none and they’re visible, invisible, and ever vigilant. It includes uniformed and plainclothes police officers, not including the multitude of security technology at their disposal. Bag checks, metal detectors, bomb trained canines and random secondary screenings are part of the everyday process at Disney Parks. I would think long and hard before I picked my boogers or underpants, because I’m pretty sure someone witnessed it and chuckled. Woot!

Have a fantastical time discovering Disney’s unexpected value and enjoy your little something extra!